An Exciting Collaboration

What happens when two veteran firms get together and decide to “walk a mile in the shoes of their clients”? After several brainstorming sessions, they develop a system called “Mapping Your Pathway Plan”. They assembled a Plan that they themselves would want to build and use:

Map Out the Plan on Paper

No advice to weigh or a series of current choices. Instead, a clear Pathway through a continuum of time that accounts for your goals, milestones, adventures, investments and yes, even setbacks. Will the Pathway wander and have detours? Yes, but let’s continually either stay on track or change the Pathway. Let’s avoid disruptive phone calls with risky tips or panicky changes responding to sudden stock market corrections.

Pure Transparency

No hidden fees or self-serving agendas from the big financial players.

Build a Risk Shield

Let’s make sure your and your family’s risk is carefully assessed at regular intervals on the Pathway. Let’s use powerful tools to build your Risk Shield™. And let’s have a rock-solid custodian for your investments like Fidelity Ameritrade so you can sleep soundly at night.

Advisor Aligned with Your Interests

No Commissions and incentives to churn your accounts. You and your advisor are going in the same direction on the same strategic Pathway, built to achieve your goals.

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